The traditional “Harry Lehmann” business will be continued.

Das Ladengeschäft ist wieder geöffnet.

Endlich ist es so weit: Nach vielen Monaten hingebungsvoller Arbeit öffnen wir unser Ladengeschäft in der Kantstr. 106, 10627 Berlin am 22.3.2024 um 13 Uhr wieder für Sie.

Alt und doch modern
Wir haben viel Zeit und Liebe in die Renovierung und Aufbereitung des Interieurs des geschichtsträchtigen Ladens in Berlin-Charlottenburg gesteckt. Vieles ist geblieben, einiges ist in die Moderne geführt.

Gibt es eine richtige Eröffnungsfeier?
Eine richtige Eröffnungsfeier planen wir für Mai. Die Anfangszeit möchten wir für unsere Eingewöhnung und entschleunigte Gespräche mit Ihnen nutzen.

Die Öffnungszeiten
Zunächst sind unsere Zeiten wie folgt:

Donnerstags: 13-19 Uhr
Freitags: 13-19 Uhr
Samstags: 11-16 Uhr

Wir freuen uns auf Sie!
So wie bei Ihnen, ist auch unsere Freude über die Wiedereröffnung riesig. Also kommen Sie vorbei und entdecken Sie den neuen Laden mit uns. Wir freuen uns darauf Sie kennenzulernen!

our promise

We make every effort to continue the business in the old tradition, although careful modernization and initial changes to the usual are unavoidable. Taking over an almost 100-year-old business without the appropriate handover or knowledge of all the details is a big task that not only requires a lot of strength and courage, but also entails a great responsibility towards history, but also to the customers.

As young Berliners with roots in the city, we are grateful for this special opportunity together with a well-known perfumer from Paris to be able to continue the traditional business with our expertise. Especially in these early days, we would like to thank you for your suggestions, anecdotes as well as your patience and understanding if something is not “like it used to be”. We look forward to the next few years and the continuation of over 70 fragrances from Harry Lehmann!

The concept

The unique and still successful concept of "perfume by weight" still fits well into the spirit of the times today: purchasing quantities based on needs, reusing bottles and your own containers, no boxes as outer packaging, local bottling and customizable fragrances.

Many of these elements will remain. At the same time, customer requirements have evolved over the years, which is why there will be adjustments during the transition to modernity: There is now a fully-fledged online shop where over 70 fragrances can be purchased - initially in fixed sizes 10ml, 30ml or 100ml. Initially, it is only possible to have individual fragrance mixtures filled in the store, including in bottles you bring with you.

The range

When we reopen, we will again have over 70 creations by Harry Lehmann. Unfortunately, individual recipes were lost during the closure of the store in 2022. With these few exceptions that we were able to reconstruct, all fragrances are produced according to the old recipes. Instead of packaging, we choose small fabric bags to protect the bottles in the shipping boxes.

We consciously focus on a complete fragrance experience because this is where our expertise lies. Artificial flowers and feathers from ornamental birds will therefore no longer be available in the range for the time being.

The shop

Since 1958, the world-famous address on Kantstr. 106 fragrances and artificial flowers sold. The store and its furnishings were nostalgic and have historical significance. Time seemed to have stood still for this place in Berlin. Several generations and many employees have led and shaped the business with heart and friendliness.

After so many years (over 65 years!) it was absolutely necessary to clean up the shop, renovate it and bring it into the modern era while preserving the well-known elements. After a thorough refresh, the iconic neon sign , the large bottles, the iconic stars of the ceiling lighting, the counter and reclaimed wooden shelves remain intact. Even the scent pyramid in the shop window will continue to exist.

We were also able to have the city-famous dripper and other lamps from the 1950s restored. These are waiting for you as a little surprise when we reopen.

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Wiedereröffnung des Geschäfts am 22. März 2024 um 13 Uhr.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will continue the “Harry Lehmann” perfumery?

In 2022, Lutz Lehmann, the owner and operator of the Harry Lehmann perfumery, died. From then on, the shop was closed for a little over a year and sales of Harry Lehmann fragrances were therefore interrupted. Now two young Berliners, together with a well-known perfumer from Paris, have taken on the continuation of Harry Lehmann and are working intensively, with joy and with consideration and preservation of the wonderful history on the continued existence of the brand and fragrances from the house of Harry Lehmann.

When will the store on Kantstrasse open again?

The store is currently located on Kantstr. 106, 10627 Berlin closed due to renovation work. The store will be carefully modernized while maintaining the old charm and will open its doors at the end of 2023/beginning of 2024.

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How can I place an order?

Orders are now being accepted online in our shop. Simply select your desired perfume from our range and order it in the size offered.

Can I have an individual fragrance mixture made/ordered?

In the beginning, we cannot offer you online to mix the perfumes individually and send them to you filled. In our shop on Kantstr. 106 in Berlin Charlottenburg, a mixture of individual scents will be exclusively possible after the reopening - with a bit of luck we will even find your customer card in the archive.

I had a customer card, is it still available?

The customer cards are still there. Visit us in the store ( after the reopening! ) and we will be happy to find your customer card with an individual fragrance mixture.

Why can I no longer find a perfume in the range?

On the one hand, the EU regulations for perfumes have changed over the years, meaning that certain ingredients can no longer be used. (In some cases we were able to find alternative ingredients for making perfume). On the other hand, individual scents have gone “out of fashion” and were so little in demand that continuing with the scent was uneconomical.

After all: Even after the change of ownership in 2023, we were able to reconstruct (almost) all references known up to 2022 and are now offering them for sale again.

Have prices been increased?

We do our best to continue to offer fair prices. In view of increased energy, operating and personnel costs as well as significantly higher material and production costs, not all previous prices can be kept as a continuation of operations.

I still have a voucher, can I redeem it?

Unfortunately, we cannot redeem vouchers issued before 2023 either online or in store. However, we have come up with another small concession for our existing customers. Contact us!

Can I pick up an order in store?

As soon as the renovation work is completed and the store officially reopens, you will also be able to come pick up orders placed online from us in store. Of course, you can also make your purchases on site in the store as soon as it reopens.

What are the delivery times?

In the initial phase we send our packages 1-2 times a week. You will receive a tracking link for your order with which you can view the shipping status at any time.